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The Bathroom Bible: The Do’s and Don’ts of Renovating Your Bathroom!

The Bathroom Bible: The Do’s and Don’ts of Renovating Your Bathroom!

Bathroom Renovation is a key step in upgrading your house to your dream home. After all, a better vanity and an improved place for freshening up is essential for anyone looking to spend their savings wisely on their home remodeling and home renovation. So if you’re a contractor or homeowner looking for their vanity space to reach its true potential that you visualize, here’s a simple guide for getting the best out of your bathroom renovation and what to keep in mind when looking for bathroom supplies and vanity remodeling.

Do Invest in Heated Flooring

Cold feet? Ain’t no chance when you’ve got heated flooring!  Here are some of the benefits of in-floor heating:

  • Walking on a warm floor (especially in the winter) provides comfort and feels great
  • Systems are programmable so you can set it to the perfect temperature
  • Newer systems can now be controlled from your mobile device (you can set your floors to be nice and toasty for your arrival home!)
  • Systems are energy efficient, which means lower energy bills and cost savings
  • Heating systems can only be installed in areas that require heating (it’s pointless to install heating systems under carpet).

Don’t Let the Vanity Go in Vain!

A better and brighter Bathroom Vanity is vital for remodeling your bathroom to how you want it. The Vanity is the major component in adding the beauty to your bathroom with your choice of Vanity Sinks and Vanity Faucets. Vanities are great for providing more storage space as well as for all of our grooming supplies.

There are several vanity alternatives, including single sinks, double sinks with cabinets and drawers, and even wall mount vanities, all of which provide varied storage options to help you make the most of your space.

Keep Your Remodeled Bathroom Dry!

Water is the worst enemy of a home’s structural integrity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the bathroom, where moisture is a continual concern. There is a reason why bathrooms and kitchens are redesigned more frequently than other rooms in the house: even a minor intrusion of water beneath the walls, worktops, and flooring surfaces quickly destroys the installation.

A waterproof bathroom is essential for any home remodeling or bathroom renovation project that you have undertaken which will be an investment you’ll always be thankful for!

A Leaky Budget Will Only Help the Remodeling!

We know how expenses can pile up when you’re remodeling the bathroom or taking up a home renovation project. However, keeping a flexible budget will only help you in the long term by remodeling the bathroom how you want it without constant interference or short term solutions. If you have an older house, you should certainly budget for some surprises! Improper ventilation and concealed water damage may necessitate further work, so have a 10-15% buffer in your budget just in case. If you don’t utilize it, it may be saved or used for another project.

A Bathtub Does Wonders!

Installing at least one bathtub in one of your bathrooms should be a priority for you, if you have many bathrooms. A tub is something that families with small children seek for, and you want your property to have as many pluses as possible when you want to sell it. There are several styles available if you are replacing your bathtub with a modern model such as standing bathtubs and vertical bathing areas.

Hide The Stink!

What is the one object in the bathroom that no one wants to be the center of attention? You guessed it: the toilet! It’s surprisingly simple to conceal a toilet in a bathroom. It is quite simple if you have the space for a separate toilet; unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of an abundance of space. This is when the distraction method comes in helpful. Simple partitions and dividers can do wonders for hiding the stink in your bathroom.

Don’t Ever Pile A Tile On A Tile!

Always take out the old tile and check the underlayment and subfloor. Make sure the floor is level as well! If it isn’t, a self-leveling compound can be used. A well-prepared underlayment and even floor will avoid cracking, dips, and even squeaks in your bathroom floor, guaranteeing that it will survive for a long time.

TIP: Porcelain is our best choice for tiles. It’s highly tough and has a low moisture absorption rate. Furthermore, the design possibilities are limitless: tiles may be made to seem like wood, marble, granite, or anything else. Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for floors and walls. You may also obtain porcelain slabs, which have no grout lines and are seamless.

Keep Away From The Wood!

While organic, plant-based building materials such as wood, bamboo, paper, or jute can be fantastic alternatives for most sections of the house, this is not true in areas that encounter a lot of moisture, such as a bathroom. In short, hardwood flooring is not the choice to go for when remodeling your bathroom. Because they are not impacted by moisture, inorganic materials such as stone, metal, plastic, and ceramic or porcelain tile are excellent alternatives for bathrooms. These materials are more resistant to mold and mildew than organic materials, and they do not decompose or rot when exposed to moisture.

Countertops in the bathroom even plastic laminate counters have an MDF core that can be damaged by the moisture found in bathrooms.

Ventilation is Always Vital!

Installing a high-capacity bathroom exhaust fan is one way to remove moisture-laden air from the space. Bathroom fans must discharge a minimum of 50 cubic feet per minute (CFM) intermittent and 20 CFM continuous per building code, but if the bathroom is spacious, you may want a more powerful fan.

Some exhaust fans have infrared heat lamps, which can help to burn off moisture in a bathroom. To deal with moisture, you may also install a stand-alone heater.

Lighting is Always Key!

It’s really inconvenient to use a restroom with minimal lighting! You must have appropriate illumination for shaving, applying make-up, and dealing to those awful wounds and first aid situations. Furthermore, lighting serves both atmosphere and function, and there are several designs of lights available.

Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for a bathroom, particularly in the shower area (just make sure they are rated for use in a wet zone and are good quality). A bathroom should have numerous light sources, such as an overhead light, wall sconces flanking your mirror, and a vanity lamp above, or a mix of these for the greatest overall illumination.

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