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Dimensions: 38” X 100’
Roll Coverage: 317 sq.ft.
Product Weight: 48 lbs / Roll.


Get tough with Ram Board, the trusted name of heavy-duty, breathable floor protection for all floor types including epoxy, linoleum, and more. Engineered for contractors and designed with cost and efficiency in mind, it lays out fast and is reusable. Ram Board is non-staining and uses exclusive Vapor-Cure™ technology, so you don’t sweat floors curing properly on your jobsite.

Manufactured with Spill Guard® Technology, this temporary floor protection has extreme liquid holdout, protecting hardwoods, vinyl, tile and other hard surfaces from water, mud and heavy traffic. Ram Board floor protection is made from recycled materials, is reusable and FSC certified. The exclusive Wall Guard® feature includes a scored line to protect baseboards and trim from scuffs and dings.

Our tried and true method to lay Ram Board flat is to roll the board out logo up, pull the end up onto yourself to crush the fibers horizontally and then place your foot in the middle of the board, pull up and crush the fibers vertically.