5 Panel Shaker Door (SLAB)

5 Panel Shaker Door (SLAB)

Experience the unparalleled elegance and versatility of our 5-Panel Shaker Door, a transformative centerpiece for any interior space.

Width: 16″,18″,20″,22″,24″,26″,28″,30″,34″,36″,38″,40″,42″,44″,46″,48″

Height: 80″

Thickness: 1-3/8″

Core: Solid

Profile: Square edge inner profile

Door finish: Primed

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Custom Order: 1-4 weeks

Width: 18″,20″,22″,24″,26″,28″,30″,34″,36″

Height: 84″,90″,96″,108″

Thickness: 1-3/4″

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Weight: 15kg – 65kg

Prehung Option


A true statement piece that adds depth and character to any interior space. With its unique five-panel design, this door embodies both elegance and versatility, making it a stunning focal point in any room.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this Door showcases the enduring charm of the Shaker style while offering exceptional durability. Its solid construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Seamless customization options are available, allowing you to choose the perfect size and finish that complements your unique style and vision. Elevate your home with this remarkable door, exuding timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.