1 Panel Shaker Door (SLAB)

1 Panel Shaker Door (SLAB)

Embrace the timeless allure of our remarkable 1-Panel Shaker Door, a single-panel solid door that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality. With its captivating Shaker-style design, this door effortlessly complements a wide range of interior decor, effortlessly transitioning between traditional and modern styles.

Width: 16″,18″,20″,22″,24″,26″,28″,30″,34″,36″,38″,40″,42″,44″,46″,48″

Height: 80″

Thickness: 1-3/8″

Core: Solid

Profile: Square edge inner profile

Door finish: Primed

**** SPACE ****

Custom Order: 1-4 weeks

Width: 18″,20″,22″,24″,26″,28″,30″,34″,36″

Height: 84″,90″,96″,108″

Thickness: 1-3/4″

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Weight: 15kg – 65kg

Prehung Option


Experience the timeless elegance of our 1-Panel Shaker Door, meticulously crafted to enhance your interior spaces. With its flawless design and expertly engineered molded panel, this door showcases the sought-after Shaker profile.

Pre-primed and boasting a smooth finish, our 1-Panel Shaker Door offers endless possibilities for customization. Paint it to match your interior decor or use it as a striking accent to elevate any room’s style.

Enjoy the flexibility of custom-size options, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. The door slab allows you to effortlessly install hinges and door handles according to your personal preferences. Contact us today to discover more about this exceptional product.