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Hardwood flooring is a common choice for flooring applications due to its aesthetic looks and ability to restore. Canadian hardwood flooring is the most durable and stable type of flooring. Hardwood floor has been around for centuries and was only found in the most affluent and royal homes of their time, hardwood flooring Toronto, hardwood flooring Mississauga, and hardwood flooring Woodbridge, and hardwood flooring Burlington are some places in the GTA that are known for their history in flooring.

There are very few flooring materials that have been around as long as natural maple hardwood flooring. There are many variants of hardwood flooring that may differ in their types, colours, finishes, and durability. To name a few, hickory hardwood flooring, grandeur hardwood floor, mont royal hardwood, fuzion hardwood, ash hardwood flooring,european hardwood flooring, grey hardwood flooring, vintage hardwood flooring, and hand scraped hardwood. Many people may not know that wood is a natural insulator. It has thousands of air chambers per cubic inch which hold in heat. With just minimal work, and using select cleaning products (of which Homelux carries) in the hardwood planet, your hardwood floor will continue looking great for a long time to come.

In addition to being low maintenance, hardwood floor installation even boasts more rewards to homeowners. Homelux being the hardwood flooring store of choice in the GTA believes that if your goal is to improve the look durability and value of your home, hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go.

We invite you to explore with us a world of rich textures and pure colours designed to please the most refined tastes in Ontario.

You will find timeless classics as well as cutting-edge design-oriented colours in our showroom.

Few can dispute the warmth and luxury feeling that only a hardwood floor can bring. Both solid and engineered hardwood floors are made from 100% wood, but the two are structurally different. The solid hardwood floor plank comes as one piece of lumber, usually ¾” thick. Engineered floor planks are constructed by laminating multiple layers of plywood together, topped with a solid hardwood veneer that is as thick as 4mm. The multi-layer core runs in opposite directions in alternating layers, making engineered hardwood the more structurally sound choice for any harsh and constantly changing weather.

Homelux carries several species of domestic and exotic hardwood in over 100 unique choices available in smooth or distressed finishes. All of our hardwood floors are manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental and health safety standards. To exemplify this, most of our engineered hardwood flooring products are FloorScore and CARB-II certified.

We have put a lot of effort into making our hardwood flooring products durable and safe for you. But bear in mind, that all hardwood floors will inevitably be prone to show wear from traffic over time. By comparison, vinyl and laminate floors are better suited for high-traffic spaces.

Yes. Part of the appeal of an authentic hardwood floor is its natural variations of colour, texture, characters, and grains. Depending on the raw material’s grading, species, and ability to absorb stain, the end product can have varying degrees of colour variations. For the best visual effect, shuffle planks from several cartons and do not install boards that vary greatly in colour next to one another. We do our best to give consumers a true representation of the end product through sample boards in showrooms, but it is not always possible.

Solid hardwood floors can be installed on and above grade, not below grade. Engineered floors can be installed on, above or below grade, as well as in high-rise buildings. Regardless of where the hardwood floor is installed, for optimal performance, the ambient condition requirements must be met at all times. For more information, refer to our reps in order to Install and ask for Maintenance details.

The gradual colour change is completely normal for a hardwood floor. Much like any natural wood, your hardwood will change colour after being exposed to oxidation and lights. Most people find the natural patina of a gracefully aged floor quite appealing. The key thing to remember is this process should be gradual and even. Any intense exposure to natural and/or artificial lights will accelerate the colour-changing process and may result in uneven patches of discoloration. To avoid such problems, limit exposure to direct light sources, and move area rugs/furniture around to ensure a more even colour change.

Technically, all of our solid hardwood floors and any engineered hardwood floors with a “wear layer” of 4mm or more can be sanded, if necessary. However, refinishing any surface will void your warranty. Hand-scraped and/or wire-brushed finishes not only add depths and characters to the look but also are designed to make scratches/dents less apparent. If you were to sand/refinish, these surface characters will disappear and will be extremely costly and difficult to recreate. Also, consider the harmful chemical fumes, the mess, and the costs associated with sanding and refinishing. If scratches and dents are big concern to you, consider Homelux’s laminate or vinyl flooring.

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Exclusive Monthly Flyer

Get the exclusive Homelux monthly flyer sent to your email and sms with all the latest trending and promotional items at our store for the month.



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